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Dr. Yong ChoYong Cho
Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Advisor

Interconnectedness of art and architecture in Eastern Eurasia from the 10th-14th centuries (China, Korea, Japan, Central Asia, Himalayas, Mongolia, and Southeast Asia); Mongol Empire; Buddhist art and architecture; nomadic art and architecture; art and history along the Silk Roads; cross-cultural contact in visual and material culture; textile history; material culture theory.

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EndresJohannes Endres

19th-century Art History; German and European Literature 1750-1900 in Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Visual Arts, Film, Music, Sciences); Cultural Studies; Critical Theory.

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Savannah Esquivel 2023Savannah Esquivel
Assistant Professor

Art and material culture of the ancient and colonial Americas, with a focus on architecture and mural painting in contexts of religious conversion in Mexico. Indigenous studies; Nahuatl language and culture; art and ecology; mendicant art and architecture.

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Jeanette KohlJeanette Kohl
Associate Professor
Co-Director, Center for Ideas and Society (CIS)

Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture; Object and Material Culture; Portraiture and the Human Face; Theories and Concepts of Representation; Early Modern Medicine and History of Knowledge; Medical Humanities

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LizKotzLiz Kotz
Associate Professor

Modern and contemporary art history; experimental film, video and performance; psychoanalysis and critical theory, media theories and media technologies.

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Susan LaxtonSusan Laxton
Associate Professor

History and theory of photography; European avant-garde art of the 20th century, particularly its engagements with chance and psychoanalysis; critical theory.

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Aleca Le BlancAleca Le Blanc
Assistant Professor

Modern Latin American art and architecture with a focus on Brazil; global modernisms, architecture and urbanism, visual culture, abstraction, institutional histories, and collecting and display.

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Kristoffer NevilleKristoffer Neville
Professor, Chair

Early modern painting, sculpture, and (especially) architecture. Cultural contacts and cultural transfer. Northern Europe, ca 1500-1800.

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Fatima Quraishi
Assistant Professor

Islamic Art and Architecture, Indo-Islamic Architecture, Devotional Practices and Material Culture, Transregional and Transcultural Histories, Historiography of Islamic Architecture in South Asia.

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WeemsBigJason Weems
Associate Professor, Graduate Advisor

American art and visual/material culture from the colonial era to the present, with research emphasis on the later nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries; history of photography; art and social movements; modern design; vision and technology; critical and interdisciplinary theory.

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Emeriti Faculty

Malcolm Baker, Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Françoise Forster-Hahn, Distinguished Professor Emerita

Ginger Cheng-Chi Hsu, Associate Professor Emerita

Conrad Rudolph, Distinguished Professor Emeritus


Charles Eppley, Visiting Assistant Professor

Madison Brookshire, Lecturer

Carlotta Falzone Robinson, Lecturer

Jamie Kwan, Lecturer

Charles Peterson, Lecturer