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EndresJohannes Endres
Associate Professor

19th-century Art History; German and European Literature 1750-1900 in Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Visual Arts, Film, Music, Sciences); Cultural Studies; Critical Theory.

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Jeanette KohlJeanette Kohl
Associate Professor

Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture; Object and Material Culture; Portraiture and the Human Face; Theories and Concepts of Representation; Early Modern Medicine and History of Knowledge; Medical Humanities

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LizKotzLiz Kotz
Associate Professor

Modern and contemporary art history; experimental film, video and performance; psychoanalysis and critical theory, media theories and media technologies.

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Susan LaxtonSusan Laxton
Associate Professor, Graduate Advisor

History and theory of photography; European avant-garde art of the 20th century, particularly its engagements with chance and psychoanalysis; critical theory.

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Aleca Le BlancAleca Le Blanc
Assistant Professor, Website Administrator

Modern Latin American art and architecture with a focus on Brazil; global modernisms, architecture and urbanism, visual culture, abstraction, institutional histories, and collecting and display.

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Kristoffer NevilleKristoffer Neville
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor

Early modern painting, sculpture, and (especially) architecture. Cultural contacts and cultural transfer. Northern Europe, ca 1500-1800.

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Fatima Quraishi
Assistant Professor
Islamic Art and Architecture, Indo-Islamic Architecture, Devotional Practices and Material Culture, Transregional and Transcultural Histories, Historiography of Islamic Architecture in South Asia.

ConradConrad Rudolph
Distinguished Professor

Medieval Art History with special interests in such topics as the social theory of medieval art, the ideological use of art, monasticism and art, the origin of Gothic art, and the art and social change.

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WeemsBigJason Weems
Associate Professor, Chair

American art and visual/material culture from the colonial era to the present, with research emphasis on the later nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries; history of photography; art and social movements; modern design; vision and technology; critical and interdisciplinary theory.

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Emeriti Faculty

Malcolm Baker, Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Françoise Forster-Hahn, Distinguished Professor Emerita

Ginger Cheng-Chi Hsu, Associate Professor Emerita

Thomas Pelzel, Associate Professor Emeritus


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