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Art History Major

The Bachelor of Arts degree in the History of Art provides the framework for the critical study of a wide range of cultures in different periods of human history and in all media. It covers the broad scope of both the Western and non-western traditions.

Art History/Administrative Studies Major

In addition to a major in Art History alone, a major that combines Art History with Administrative Studies is offered. This major provides students with training in management and the history of art to allow pursuit of a variety of future career and education options. With this dual preparation, students are equipped to enter fields such as arts administration, advertising, art appraisal, architecture, art investment, and historic preservation. The management, public relations, information services, accounting, human resources, and finance areas of arts institutions such as museums, research institutes, historical societies, publishers, and galleries have comprehensive needs for individuals trained in good business practices. Students can also continue their education with advanced degrees in business, museum studies, or arts administration, as well as other professional and academic fields. The History of Art and Administrative Studies share an emphasis on the cultural and social institutions of human achievement, a connection that makes possible a major that enriches both art history and administrative studies. Business majors gain knowledge of the historical, political, and social bases of visual culture, while art history majors acquire the economic, political, and sociological background to become leaders in the business of arts institutions and in related fields. [More Info]

Art History/Religious Studies Major

A third major is Art History/Religious Studies which combines the disciplinary interest in the history of the visual arts with its related religious content and background. Three concentrations in this dual major are offered:

  • Western Concentration
  • Eastern Concentration
  • Student-Designed Comparative Concentration: Students are wishing to combine Asian and Western materials to serve a comparative purpose are invited to design their own major in consultation with faculty representatives from both departments.

Art History majors have ready access to a visual resources collection of more than 150,000 slides on a variety of subjects, and a digital photo tutorial presented in conjunction with several classes. The program works closely with the UCR/California Museum of Photography (CMP) to give students the opportunity to work with the Jack and Marilyn Sweeney Art Gallery to provide a similar experience with original material in a multi-media environment, and with other museums in the area. Internships are available at the CMP and other museums. Other opportunities include junior and senior seminars on special topics, honors seminars, and special courses on film, museum work, and research.

Art History Minor

The History of Art minor is designed to encourage study across art-historical areas, while providing the opportunity for some concentration in one specific area.

Art History/Honors Program

The University Honors Program offers lower-division courses taught by distinguished faculty and introduces undergraduates to the challenges and rewards of scholarship and research from the beginning of their undergraduate careers. In the upper division, the program invites outstanding students to design and produce honors theses and projects under individual faculty supervision. Through the departmental Honors Program, highly qualified students are invited to conduct a research thesis of their own initiative and design in collaboration with a faculty member. Participation in the Honors Program is the capstone of an excellent education.

Art History/Education Abroad Program

Through the Education Abroad Program, UCR students can add an international perspective to their education by studying an living in another country while earning UC credit. [More Info]