Gluck Fellowships for Graduate Art History Students


We are pleased to announce that the UCR Department of the History of Art will once again participate in the Gluck Fellowship Program in 2019-20. The Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts is an arts outreach program here at UCR.

The Gluck Fellows Program of the Arts provides fellowships to UC Riverside undergraduate and graduate students to conduct arts-related presentations, performances, and workshops in Riverside County schools, residential facilities for elderly care and community centers. Participating departments include Art, Creative Writing, Dance, History of Art, Music, and Theatre, as well as the UCR/ARTSblock. Graduate students in the History of Art have participated by making presentations to a variety of community groups in Riverside.

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Next year, we anticipate we will have six Gluck Classroom Fellows and one GluckGlobal Fellow working with the Visual Resources Collection (VRC), contingent on continued funding from the Gluck Foundation. 

The Gluck Classroom Fellowships are an excellent opportunity to develop your teaching skills while earning financial aid. The VRC GluckGlobal Fellow will work exclusively on a collaboration between UC Riverside and the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) through the Color Film Emergency Project (CFEP) and may be of particular value to those students interested in the history of photography, history of architecture, collection management, registrarial experience, and/or visual resource management.

Graduate Fellowships pay $5000 for a commitment of 12 hours of outreach work. Disbursement of the Gluck Fellowship is arranged through the Graduate Financial Aid Office. If you are selected to be a Gluck Fellow, we recommend that you set up an appointment with your Financial Aid Counselor to discuss exactly how a Gluck Fellowship will be disbursed and whether it will affect your current financial aid package in any way.


Download Gluck Fellows Timeline

Download Gluck Classroom Fellowship Application

Download VRC GluckGlobal Project Description

Download VRC GluckGlobal Fellowship Application


Application deadline is May 15.


If you need help with a budget or other aspects of the application, please feel free to contact Leslie Paprocki, Art History Graduate Coordinator; Christine G. Leapman, Gluck Assistant Director (951) 827-5739 (, or Joe Santarromana, Gluck Program Coordinator (951) 827-3518.