Course Requirements

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Course Requirements – MA

Students must earn at least 24 units of graduate credit (200–level classes), of which the Proseminar in Methodology (AHS 251P), offered once a year, is mandatory, as is the seminar in thesis writing (280), taken in the second year. Three additional seminars in art history are required, two of which must be outside of the student’s field of specialization. Students may also receive up to 12 units of credit for thesis research. In addition, students may take up to 12 units of upper-division undergraduate (100-level) coursework may be applied toward the 44 units of coursework required for the MA. Students may also obtain a limited number of units through internships in museums, galleries, and historical institutions in the area.
MA students must demonstrate proficiency in one language appropriate to their field of study. (See below for more information). For more detailed information on course requirements, please see the course catalog.

Course Requirements – PhD

Students entering without an MA in art history or a closely related field must earn 56 units of coursework. The Proseminar in Methodology (AHS 251P), and the seminar in thesis writing (AHS 280), is mandatory. In addition, students must take one graduate seminar in their area of specialization, two graduate seminars outside of their chosen area, two additional graduate seminars, and four additional graduate or upper-division courses.
Students entering with an MA must take at least 20 units of graduate credit, including the Proseminar in Methodology (AHS 251P) and the seminar in thesis writing (AHS 280). They must also take one graduate seminar in their area of specialization and other two graduate or upper-division courses. PhD students must show proficiency in two languages appropriate to their field of study. In some fields, more languages may be required. (See below for more information.)

Foreign Language Requirement

MA students of Western art history must demonstrate proficiency in one European language relevant to their area of study, including Latin American Art History. One Asian language, relevant to the area of study, is required for students specializing in Asian art history. The relevant language is to be chosen in consultation with the Graduate Adviser and, if possible, with the potential MA thesis adviser. This language requirement is meant to provide the student with a sufficient understanding of a foreign language that the student can perform graduate level research in this language. Since most PhD programs have additional language requirements, students planning to pursue a PhD are strongly urged to consult with their Graduate and Thesis advisers regarding additional foreign language preparation. The language requirement must be satisfied by the end of the third quarter in residence, and preferably earlier.
PhD students must demonstrate proficiency in two languages appropriate to their area of study. For some areas, additional languages may be required in order to master the appropriate literature and primary sources. There are two ways to satisfy the language requirement: complete as a graduate student a University of California foreign language course equivalent to one of the appropriate courses at UC Riverside, or take the Language Placement Exam given at the beginning of each quarter.