Graduate Students

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Appleby, Zoe (MA Program)

Area of Interest: Medieval art history, interdisciplinary academics, curation, and theories of aesthetics.

Awards and Fellowships: 2018-2019 recipient of the Gluck Fellowship award
H.C. ArnoldH.C. Arnold (MA Program)

Areas of Interest: Postmodern and contemporary art, conceptualism (including proto- and post-conceptual practices), sound art, counterculture aesthetics, interdisciplinary practices, post-structuralism, and continental philosophy.
MollyBondBond, Molly (Doctoral Program)

Areas of Interest: 15th-17th century European art; the development of meta-representations within early modern art.

Awards: 2017-2018 recipient of the Gluck Fellowship award
Heather CassedayCasseday, Heather (MA Program)

Areas of Interest: Visual and material culture in colonial New England during the 17th and 18th centuries; cultural exchange between indigenous peoples and colonists; collections decolonization .

Awards and Fellowships: 2018-2019 recipient of the Gluck Fellowship award
chiangsmallChiang, Wan-Ling (Doctoral Program)

Areas of Interest: 20th century Asian art and cultural politics, with particular interests in the process of canon formation as well as related issues including taste, identity, cultural transmission and the history of art historical writing.
Savannah DearhamerDearhamer, Savannah (MA Program)

Areas of Interest: Late 19th century/20th century Western art history, artists concerning WWII politics, Jewish artists and patronage, the intersection of gender studies particularly in religious contexts, as well as topics in museum studies and the commercial art world.

Awards and Fellowships: 2018-2019 recipient of the Gluck Fellowship award
FalzoneFalzone Robinson, Carlotta (Doctoral Candidate)

Dissertation title: Archibald Knox: British Modernity and Celtic Identity

Awards and Fellowships: 2017 Paul Mellon Centre for British Art, London: Research Support Grant, 2017/18 UCR CIS: Global 19th Century Student Fellow and Graduate Student Research Grant, UCR Graduate Mentoring Research Award
LithgowLithgow, Timothy (Doctoral Program)

Area of Interest: Twentieth and twenty-first century modern and contemporary art with particular interest in the history of photography.

Awards: 2017 recipient of the Richard C. Carrott Memorial Fund Award
neri-lewissmallNeri Lewis, Cynthia (Doctoral Candidate)

Area of Interest: Early Modern Ibero-American art, with an emphasis on the art of the missions of Northern New Spain/ Spanish borderlands.

Dissertation title: Illuminated Walls of the California Missions: The Index of American Design California Project (1936-1942) and the Creation of a Usable Past

Awards: 2017-2018 recipient of the Gluck Fellowship award, 2017-2018 recipient of the Carrott Award.
Daniel PowazekPowazek, Daniel (MA Program)

Areas of Interest: Early modern printmaking; the uses and reception of the printed image, regarding in particular popular and low-art prints.
querinsmallQuerin, Camilla (Doctoral Candidate)

Area of Interest: Contemporary art and photography with a special attention to the intersection between visual arts and politics. Her primary focus is artistic production and curatorial practices during the dictatorships that shaped Latin American political and cultural history of the 1960s-1980s.

Dissertation title: Dialectics of Malandragem: When Arts Transform the Outcast into a Hero

Awards: CMP/UCR Curatorial Fellowship, Gluck Fellowship 2018-2019, 2018 recipient of the Richard C. Carrott Memorial Fund Award, Gluck Fellowship 2017-2018, Gluck Fellowship 2016-2017
Daniela Ruano OrantesRuano Orantes, Daniela (MA Program)

Areas of interest: Contemporary Latin American art, specially within the scope of the Central American diaspora in the United States
Cambra SklarzSklarz, Cambra (Doctoral Program)

Area of Interest: American art of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries.