Not Set in Amber

Dr. Faya Causey
Head, Academic Programs
National Gallery of Art

Faya Causey’s lecture title, Not Set in Amber, might suggest something about the subjects she will speak about on January 19, 2017.  Her most important publications have been centered on ancient art, a few contemporary artists, Paul Cézanne, and the fossil resin, amber — its nature, importance to humans over history as a high-value substance used for ornament, as amulet, as medicine and for incense especially in the ancient world.  Although her first jobs as a professor seemed to indicate a life in academe, Causey took a different path in 1994 when she left a tenured position as an art history professor to work at the National Gallery of Art in the Education Division as the Head of the Academic Programs Department.  Her career was not fossilized! In addition to an overview of her fascinating work at the ArtCenter Pasadena, California State University Long Beach, at the National Gallery of Art, Causey will speak about alternative career paths for students interested in art, art history, archaeology, and the humanities.