Camille Claudel at the Getty: Conceiving the Exhibition on this Visionary Woman Sculptor of the Turn of the 20th Century

Anne-Lise Desmas TalkAnne-Lise Desmas
Senior Curator, Sculpture and Decorative Arts, J. Paul Getty Museum
Thursday, January 18 at 5:15pm
ARTS Seminar Room 333

Anne-Lise Desmas, Senior Curator of Sculpture and Decorative Arts at the Getty Museum and co-curator of the exhibition Camille Claudel (Art Institute of Chicago, Oct. 7, 2023–Feb. 19, 2024 and Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum, Apr. 2–Jul. 21, 2024) will present on the reasons and preparation for this major show that highlights the incredible oeuvre of this woman artist, one of the most daring and visionary sculptors of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.