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Ingapirca, Ecuador, Inca settlement, late 15th - early 16th centuries

Assistant Professor
Office: Arts 228
Phone: (951) 827-7736
E-mail: stella.nair@ucr.edu

Ph.D., UC Berkeley

Areas of specialization: Latin American Art & Architecture/Andean History & Archaeology.

Trained as an architect and architectural historian, Stella Nair is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History of Art. Her scholarly interests include material culture studies, post colonial theory, and construction technology, with a special focus on Indigenous architecture and urban form in the Andes (before and after the European invasion). Nair's current project explores the architectural and spatial transformations in Chinchero, Peru, an Inca royal estate and later an Indigenous colonial town. Examining the site within the context of regional landscape transformations, Nair is able to compare Imperial Inca and Spanish colonial conquest strategies--in particular, their respective uses of architecture to control and redefine the rural landscape. Among the courses Nair has taught are "Art and Architecture of the Americas until 1450 CE," "The Incas in the Early Modern World," "Architecture, Space, and Landscape in Colonial Encounters," and "From Law of the Indies to Brasilia: Latin American Architecture and Urbanism (Mexico, Peru and Brazil)" [with Fernando Lara].

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