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Completed 2016-2017

Robin Hextrum (Spring 2017)
The Return of The Academy: The 21st Century Classical Realist Movement & its Use of Pastiche
Committee: Susan Laxton, Johannes Endres, J.P. Park

Karlyn Olvido (Spring 2017)
Reenactment, Reconstruction, Recovery: Nineteenth-Century Photographs in the History of Surgery
Committee: Susan Laxton, Liz Kotz, Mazie Harris

Sara Rowe (Spring 2017)
Challenging Authority & Authenticity: How Native Humor Can be Used as Institutional Critique
Committee: Susan Laxton, Jason Weems, Patricia Morton

Elaine Wilson (Spring 2017)
The Via Crucis Paintings within the California Missions
Committee: Kristoffer Neville, Aleca Le Blanc, Conrad Rudolph

Completed 2015-2016

Melissa Wolf (Fall 2015)
From Steamboats to Snow White: How the Mickey Mouse Short Films Between 1928 and 1934 resulted in a Shift from an Abstract to a Naturalistic Animation Style in the Disney Studios
Committee: Jason Weems (Chair), Susan Laxton, and Catherine Gudis (History)

Kelly Filreis (Spring 2016)
Picturing Process: Lynda Benglis’ Cantilevered Pours
Committee: Elizabeth Kotz (Chair), Susan Laxton, and Jason Weems

Sara Greenberg (Spring 2016)
Two Sides of the Same Street: Depression-Era Photography of Central Park and Fifth Avenue
Committee: Patricia Morton (Chair), Susan Laxton, and Jason Weems

Reva Main (Spring 2016)
Eggleston, Christenberry, Divola: Color Photography Beyond the New York Reception
Committee: Susan Laxton (Chair), Jason Weems, and Elizabeth Kotz

Diana Navarrete (Spring 2016)
The End of Things: Reading Exegetical Apocalypticism in the Prefatory Miniatures of Private Female Ottonian Manuscripts
Committee: Conrad Rudolph (Chair), Jeanette Kohl, and Kristoffer Neville

Victoria Taormina (Spring 2016)
Collaborative Bodies in Action: Senga Nengudi’s R.S.V.P. Respondez S’il Vous Plait (1977/2003)
Committee: Elizabeth Kotz (Chair), Jason Weems, and Jayna Brown (Ethnic Studies)

Juliann Walker (Spring 2016)
Carlo Fontana and the Origins of the Architectural Monograph
Committee: Kristoffer Neville (Chair), Jeanette Kohl, and Conrad Rudolph

Completed 2014-2015

Leslie Paprocki (Fall 2014)
Rush and Wait: Airports, Seriality, and Undecidability in the Work of Garry Winogrand 
Committee: Susan Laxton (Chair), Patricia Omorton, and Elizabeth Kotz

Mateusz Ferens (Spring 2015)
Dionysius of Fourna: Artistic Identity Through Visual Rhetoric
Committee: Conrad Rulolph (Chair), Jeanette Kohl, and Kristoffer Neville

Theresa Knopp (Spring 2015)
Facing Independence: Portraiture and the Figuring of Nationalism in the Work of Jose Gil de Castro
Committee: Aleca Le Blanc (Chair), Malcolm Baker, and Jason Weems

Ashley Medina (Spring 2015)
Melchiorre Cafa and Camillo Pamphilj: The Art of Patronage in Seventeenth-Century Rome
Committee: Kristoffer Neville (Chair), Malcolm Baker, Jeanette Kohl

Cyle Metzger (Spring 2015)
Queer Phenomenology in Sarah Oppenheimer’s W-120301
Committee: Elizabeth Kotz (Chair), Jason Weems, and Jack Halberstam (USC)

Sandra Schmitz (Spring 2015)
Saving Carnegie Hall: A Case Study of Historic Preservation in Postwar New York City
Committee: Patricia Morton (Chair), Jason Weems, and Catherine Gudis (History)

Rachel Zimmermann (Spring 2015)
Addresses To/Through/Within a Public Sphere: Politics and Performativity in Contemporary Photo-Works
Committee: Susan Laxton (Chair), Jason Weems, and Judith Rodenbeck (Media Cultural Studies)

Astara Light (Summer 2015)
The Power of “Visual Movement:” Re-shaping and Re-affirming Religious Practices in Modern Balinese Paintings
Committee: Jeanette Kohl (Chair), Jong Phil Park, Christina Schwenkel (Anthropology), and Maria See (Media Cultural Studies)

Completed 2013-2014

Andrew Turner (Fall 2013)
Sex, Myth, and Metaphor in Moche Pottery
Committee: Jason Weems (chair), Karl Taube (Anthropology), Jeanette Kohl and Stella Nair (UCLA)

Fernando Ramirez (Fall 2013)
Object and Image in the Work of Jack Goldstein
Committee: Elizabeth Kotz (chair), Susan Laxton and Jason Weems

Ana Ramey (Spring 2014)
Portrait Paradox: Complicating Identity in Catherine Opie’s “Being and Having”
Committee: Elizabeth Kotz (chair), Susan Laxton and Jeanette Kohl

Margaret Wallace (Spring 2014)
George Bellows Paints California: A Summer Escape Out West
Committee: Jason Weems (chair), Susan Laxton and Jessica Smith (Chief Curator of American Art, The Huntington)

Edgar Ramirez (Spring 2014)
The Canterbury Roll: A Viewer’s Guide of the Twelve Typological Windows at Canterbury Cathedral
Committee: Conrad Rudolph (chair), Jason Weems and Jeanette Kohl

Amy Whitacre (Summer 2014)
Proposed: The Warriors of Tula: Iconography, Identity, and the Sculpted Body in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica
Committee: Jason Weems (chair), Jeanette Kohl, Karl Taube (Anthropology) and Stella Nair (UCLA)

Brooke Devenney (Summer 2014)
Gregory Ain: Challenging the Anonymity of the Utopian Ideal in Planned Housing Communities, 1939-1948
Committee: Patricia Morton (chair), Jason Weems and Kristoffer Neville

Chelsea Herr (Summer 2014)
Proposed: The Native American as Commodity: The Visual Production of Native Students at Sherman Institute, 1930-1947
Committee: Jason Weems (chair), Susan Laxton, and Clifford Trafzer (History)

Jessica Orzulak (Summer 2014)
Proposed: Picturing Soldaduras: Images of Female Revolutionaries in the 1910 Mexican Revolution
Committee: Jason Weems (chair), Elizabeth Kotz and Freya Schiwy (Hispanic Studies)

Leslie Paprocki (Fall 2014)
Proposed: Rush and Wait: Airports, Seriality, and Undecidability in the Work of Garry Winogrand
Committee: Susan Laxton (chair), Patricia Morton, and Elizabeth Kotz

Kaelyn Rodriguez (Summer 2014)
Authorship and Memory in Judy Baca’s Murals
Committee: Susan Laxton (chair), Patricia Morton, and Elizabeth Kotz

Completed 2012-2013

Betty Schlothan (Spring 2013)
Intriguing Relationships: An Exploration of Early Modern German Prints of Relic Displays and Reliquaries
Committee: Jeanette Kohl (Chair), Conrad Rudolph, and Blair Davis

Michaeline Anderson (Summer 2013)
Robert Adams and the Mythology of the Landscape of the American West
Committee: Susan Laxton (Chair), Elizabeth Kotz, Susan Laxton, and Jason Weems

Elizabeth Franks (Summer 2013)
Capturing Motion: A Catalog Raisonne of the Photomontage Works of Barbara Morgan 1935-1980
Committee: Susan Laxton (Chair), Elizabeth Kotz, and Patricia Morton


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