Graduate Students

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lilyallensmallAllen, Lily (MA Program)

Areas of Interest: 18th and 19th-century Western art, particularly that of Spain, France and the United States; transatlantic exchange. Current focus on Spanish Luminist painter Joaquín Sorolla and his 1909, New York exhibition.
MollyBondBond, Molly (Doctoral Program)

Areas of Interest: 15th-17th century European art; the development of meta-representations within early modern art.
Heather CassedayCasseday, Heather (MA Program)

Areas of Interest: Medieval and early modern European art; textiles and cultural exchange.
catrensmallCatren, Mark (MA Program)

Area of Interest: Pre-Columbian to Colonial contact period Mexico; Iconography and ethnohistorical investigative methods; displays of the supernatural, shamanism, religious activity, and afterlife locations. Working thesis title: “The Multivocality of Hell: Aztec Mictlan in Early 16th Century.”
chiangsmallChiang, Wan-Ling (Doctoral Program)

Areas of Interest: 20th century Asian art and cultural politics, with particular interests in the process of canon formation as well as related issues including taste, identity, cultural transmission and the history of art historical writing.
Shannon DaileyDailey, Shannon (MA Program)

Areas of Interest: Medieval art and 19th century Medievalism in Victorian Britain, predominantly concerning Pre-Raphaelitism and the Arts and Crafts Movement, with an emphasis on spirituality and religious institutions. I also have a particular interest in the interplay of pagan and Christian ideologies in Arthurian legend.
FalzoneFalzone Robinson, Carlotta (Doctoral Candidate)

Dissertation title: Archibald Knox: British Modernity and Celtic Identity

Awards and Fellowships: 2017 Paul Mellon Centre for British Art, London: Research Support Grant, 2017/18 UCR CIS: Global 19th Century Student Fellow and Graduate Student Research Grant, UCR Graduate Mentoring Research Award
Hanna LeeLee, Hanna Yoonwoo (MA Program)

Area of Interest: Modern and contemporary East Asian art history and visual studies, especially within issues of Korean modernity and cultural hybridity.
Angela LessingLessing, Angela (MA Program)

Area of Interest: Contemporary Latin American female photography, with a particular interest in post-revolution female photographers from Mexico.
LithgowLithgow, Timothy (Doctoral Program)

Area of Interest: Twentieth and twenty-first century modern and contemporary art with particular interest in the history of photography.
manesssmallManess, Rebecca (MA Program)

Nineteenth century European and American art, especially during the Victorian era. She is especially interested in women artists, representations of women, visual/material culture, and museum studies.
mcginnissmallMcGinnis, Michaela (MA Program)

Nineteenth and twentieth century French art with a particular interest in the influence of French Surrealists on mestizo artists, such as Frida Kahlo, who combined European artistic traditions with indigenous artistic traditions and culture.
medinasmallMedina, Daniel (MA Program)

Area of Interest: Twentieth-century avant-garde with a focus on the interwar period. Particular interest in the German form of Dada and its utilization of the tactic of photomontage as a weapon for political agitation.
MedinaMedina, Rocío (MA Program)

Area of Interest: In her case study on Sexo, Death and Rock 'n' Roll, Rocío plans to employ Chicana/o literary methodology to examine Chicana/o Art to appropriately assess murals, objects, and performance poetry created to venerate three Chicana/o musicians who died tragically. She will argue how they posthumously influence Chicana/o artists to disprove heteronormative notions and facilitate decolonization in the re-imagination of the U.S./Mexico border through art production.
neri-lewissmallNeri Lewis, Cynthia (Doctoral Program)

Early Modern Ibero-American art, with an emphasis on the art of the missions of Northern New Spain/ Spanish borderlands. In her current research, she attempts to join the “local” history of California mission art with the larger narratives of North American and Spanish art. In addition to investigating the connections between Jesuit and Franciscan mission art and iconography, she plans to locate and examine the intersections between Catholic and secular texts that informed 18th-century painters and their patrons in New Spain. She is also interested in 20th and 21st century collecting and display practices and representations of the missions in 19th-century paintings and early photographs.
querinsmallQuerin, Camilla (Doctoral Program)

Contemporary art and photography with a special attention to the intersection between visual arts and politics. Her primary focus is artistic production and curatorial practices during the dictatorships that shaped Latin American political and cultural history of the 1960s-1980s.